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Softcool Extreme

As the greenhouse effect has been intensified continuously, the summer without air conditioning is unimaginable. But the gases discharged from the conditioner will undoubtedly pollute our living environment and increase our electricity bills. With the philosophy of being natural and eco-friendly, Qingdao Lerune Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd researches and develops a kind of cool-dry fiber called Softcool Extreme to bring cool wearing feel. At the same time, the air conditioning's temperature can be raised to achieve the aim of save energy and reduce emission.


Cool Touch Feel

Thanks to the cool jade element, the fiber has excellent heat-conducting property and heat dispersion effect which can bring people cool and comfortable feeling.

The results display that the sample’s Qmax can reach 0.318, but by using the test of ASTM D7024, it can get 1℃ lower than other ordinary moisture absorption textile.

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