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Heat Cut-off

No matter the sun or other heat sources, their heat radiation is within the scope of infrared band. Infrared heating just uses this band's heat radiation. Lerune's insulation material--"Popcool" is a kind of fiber which is evenly distributed by nano-powder with infrared inflection ability, so the fiber has higher infrared inflection ability. "Popcool" can reflect and cut off the external radiant heat. When the surroundings’ temperature is higher or has heat radiation."Popcool" can cut off the heat between human body and the surroundings effectively, which will let the wearers have continuous cool feeling.

It's proved by test that "Popcool" can raduce the temperature by 2 than common textile in the heat radiation environment. (The result will be influenced by the fabric construction and color).



Ceramic particles can be efficiently absorbed and shield the sun's ultraviolet rays, so that to prevent our skin from the damaging of ultraviolet rays. High UV reflection, cleverly implement the anti-vision effect.


Opaque Effect

Compared with ordinary clothing, "Popcool" has a certain visual light reflection function, so that clothes can have a certain degree of anti-perspective effect.

Cool Touch Feeling

People will feel continuous cool feeling because of the nano powders, which can reflect the external radiant heat by their splitlevel lamellar structures.


Moisture Wicking Ability

The cross section increases the grooves of high specific surface area, which can absorb, transfer and diffuse the sweat and moisture.