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Innovative Technology

 The R&D department is committed to the research and development of functional textiles; the company has a group of dyeing and finishing professional and technical talents, focuses on the technological innovation and product innovation; makes oriented research and development according to the customer needs, and provides the specialized design and sample; moreover, the company has the professional R&D team and consultant teams consisted of internationally renowned experts and professors in the textile industry. The company invests a lot in establishing the international first-class laboratory with testing instruments of yarn performance and fabrics function, and make scientific research cooperation with the world's top laboratory for technological achievements.

In recent years, the company has developed a total of more than 50 new technologies and new products, published numerous articles in the core journals, and reached the domestic and international advanced levels respectively; in order to standardized the products, the company formulated a total of 9 enterprise standards to normalize the product quality, and provided the reference for customers to grasp the product quality; the company has two patents for inventing its own functional products, 4 patents of utility models. The corporate functional yarns maintain the dominant technological advantages in the international markets. Based on the powerful R&D innovation ability and the efficient commercialization ability of scientific and technological achievements, the market share of the corporate products steadily improves, and lays a solid technical foundation for leading the consumers’ demands.